CMAS Update - April 2010: CMAS applications are taking 60-90 Days to process. Don't wait for your 90 day renewal notice to get started. Current CMAS Schedule holders should contact Government Contract Consultants to start the application preparation process early to avoid a lapse in your CMAS Schedule. If you are thinking about getting a CMAS Schedule for the first time, we can save you time and frustration in trying to prepare your CMAS application in-house.

GSA - April 2010: Government Contract Consultants client for the third time receives high marks during their GSA Audit and is recommended for their GSA contract renewal. Services provide by Government Contract Consultants to this client includes the initial application, over 60 contract modifications, GSA Advantage uploads, customer pricelist and oversight of GSA Audits. Customer experiences 100% growth for seven consecutive years.




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